Calling Social Entrepreneurs (This project is now fully funded)

We are ready to start an exciting new venture at Beer-Sheba that will tie in nicely together with our forestry management program and our integration with the local communities where we work.  Plans are in place for us to purchase 500 of these fuel-efficient wood-stoves that we will market to some of the women’s groups and the neighboring commercial centers that we are working with.   The combined savings of villagers using these stoves along with our eco-friendly charcoal are significant.

We have already secured from PERACOD ( a revolving 50% capital vehicle that they will fund based on The Beer-Sheba project obtaining the remaining 50%.  Our proposal is to purchase a total of 500 Jambaar stoves.  With the 50/50 split we require 1.5 million CFA ($3000 USD).  We already have an immediate market for us to resell these as we have contacted several women’s groups in the communities that we work with that are very eager to introduce these stoves to their communities as they realize the potential savings.  They will save nearly 1kg of charcoal/day (200 cfa) and at the price we are aiming to sell them at they will have the stoves paid off in one month considering the daily savings in charcoal!  We will sell them at a slight margin above cost price to ensure our expenses are covered and provide for more capital as we expand the program.  Each stove costs 6000 CFA ($12 USD).  We are looking for like-minded entrepreneurs who would be interested in this program.

For complete details please download the brochure here.