Intern Class – 2012

Our interns have arrived!  What a blessing they will be to all of us at the Project, and even more so, what wonderful ways God will use these young men to be agents of change in their rural communities and all of Senegal.

A key component of our vision to provide holistic training to young Christian farmers is our Intern Development Program.  We have launched this program on 05 March 2012 with 14 young Christian farmers from the surrounding areas.  Each of these students comes with a recommendation from their respective pastors, and each of the interns were already engaged in agricultural activities.  These 14 interns are now living on the Project in temporary housing and will be directly involved in all aspects of operations.  Each student will be assigned a certain segment for a 3-4 month period.  The expertise they gain in the areas of forestry management, livestock husbandry, cropping and literacy training, (all within a Christian worldview), will equip them as they expand and later apply their knowledge at the village level.   At the end of their yearly training, we want to provide some start-up assistance to the top achievers so they can head back to their village with the capital resources they need to start their own profitable farming venture.

Class of 2012

Ablaye Diouf

Benoît Gueye

Ernest Ndiouma Dieng

Jean Noel Faye

Mamadou Dione

Mamadou Faye

Moïse Diouf

Nicolas Faye

Pierre Badou Fall

Pierre Gning

Pierre Sène

Raymond Dierry Sène

Richard Djiby Diouf